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(Ben, Ryan and Charles pictured)
The Twisted Limbs were founded in a cramped basement studio apartment in Westwood, while Ryan Groves and Ben Shea were attending UCLA. They were originally called "Big Pianist and the G-Strings... and Ben", and played their very first show at the UCLA talent show, Spring Sing, in front of 5,000 people. The show coordinators decided to close up the talent show with Big Pianist and the G-Strings... and Ben's powerful piano-centered Rock. The whole crowd was on their feet by the end of the song, screaming for more. Since then the band has seen different members, and changed names. The original bassist, Trey Shelton, and the guitarist, Blake Gearheard, moved away to pursue other ventures. Luckily, a mutual friend of Ben and Ryan's, Charles Brandick, was a bassist phenom and grooved well with them both. The Twisted Limbs was born. The Twisted Limbs have been recording their debut album, Cherry, in Charlie's studio, Prontron Studios, for the last year. Since they all have full time jobs, and they settle for nothing less than perfection, the recording process ended up taking over a year. Finally, in Sept '09, the album is ready for the masses. One of the musicians who laid down some sax tracks on the album, Eric Hargett ended up digging the vibe of The Twisted Limbs, and joined the band late in the game. You can catch The Twisted Limbs in and around LA (check out the events page!), for a performance you won't forget! Ryan Groves - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard Charles Brandick - Bass, Backup Vocals Ben Shea - Drums Eric Hargett - Sax